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Quality Control

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Huining Electrical deeply understands that quality is the foundation of our survival and development, so the quality is always placed in the most important position. In the whole operation process, we have applied the following inspection: incoming inspection (IPQC), first inspection and inspection, 100% on-site inspection, factory inspection.

Incoming inspection control:

For all the materials sent by suppliers, we will examine their appearance, size, hardness, toughness, strength and so on. Through good inspection of the material, we can ensure that the final product has good reliability and consistency.


Control process:

Based on the rotor, stator, commutator, and the performance of the 100% online virtual operator self inspection and full inspection, QC first detection and inspection, adverse rate of finished products is less than 3000PPM (automotive products up to 300PPM).


Factory inspection:

Before the goods leave the factory, we will carry out the factory inspection in a certain proportion. We will also design inside and outside packing to ensure that the goods do not damage the package during transportation and affect the goods.